“With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives – 根 深 叶 茂” A Vision of Chinese Artists in American Academia 2022 Art and Design Exhibition

This exhibition celebrates creative works by artists of Chinese descent that speak to the continuous exchange between East and West. We seek to generate cross-cultural comparative insights for a new understanding of Chinese art as an international force taking many forms. This exhibition expands beyond national boundaries to consider how works of art and artists have interacted across China and their experiences in the United States. 

  • November 8th to December 2nd

The exhibition has 22 artists participated. The artwork includes various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, installation, graphic design, film, and animation.

Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Florida A&M University
A Photo of the Gallery
Professor Nan Liu

The Exhibition reception holds on November 9th at Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Florida A&M University. The Gallery director Dr. Aja Roache and Professor of painting Dr. Liu Nan specially invited Professor Zuo Yingxue, a well-known art scholar and oil painter, Professor Chi Xun from Laguna College of Art and Design, and Associate Professor Joe Ren from Dakota State University to give the lecture to the students, faculty, and the community at Florida A&M University.

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