The Forum Across the Divide Virtual Artist Talk Series

Association of Chinese Artist in American Academia is hosting a virtual artist talk series.

Episode III, we invited Professor Xun Chi from LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ART + DESIGN and Professor Weimin Zhang from SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY to share their recent work and studio practice.

8.14.2021 Saturday at 9pm (CDT) on zoom (北京时间8月15日早上10点)

Xun Chi

Associate Professor, Visual Communication
Laguna College of Art + Design

Associate Professor of Visual Communication at Laguna College of Art and Design, California. Photographer, Designer, International Curator, Rotating Chairman of the Association of Chinese Artists in American Academia. He graduated from Medical School in China then pursued art in the USA. He received an MFA degree from Purdue University, where his design works achieved nationwide academic recognition. His main teaching and research focus include creative photography, color theory, visual rhetoric, etc. Xun was recognized by “Chinese Magazine” as one of the 10 recipients of the 2018 “Young Chinese of Excellence Award” at the magazine’s 40 year anniversary. In 2018, Xun won the Best Advisor Award for the “Beauty of Chinese characters” global youth design contest. In 2016, Xun won the Outstanding Curator Award at Pingyao International Photography Festival.  Xun has been invited to give talks and workshops in some top universities and organizations including USC, Stanford University, Beijing University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tongji University, CAA, AIGA, LA LIVING TV show, etc.

Xun Chi’s Photography

Weimin Zhang

Professor, School of Cinema
San Francisco State University

Weimin Zhang is an award-winning filmmaker, one of China’s Sixth Generation filmmakers graduated from Beijing Film Academy. She has worked on numerous award-winning films, documentaries, and TV drama series in both China and the U.S. Her many successes include The House of Spirit (2000), which won the Women in Film Award and was also featured in over a dozen film festivals. In 2008, as a U.S. unit director, she filmed the U.S. Olympic athletes pre, during and the post 2008 Olympics as well as the San Francisco torch relay sequence which became the major content appeared in the award winning feature documentary film, The Ever Lasting Flame – Beijing 2008 (2009). The film won Grand Jury Prize at Montreal Film Festival 2009 and become the permanent collection in Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland. The feature documentary Missing Home: The Last Days of Beijing Hutongs (2013) that she produced, wrote and directed were selected and screened over dozen international film festivals including Sedona Film Festival, Athens Film Festival, and Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival. In addition, she is also a creative multimedia designer. In 2007, The Library of Congress acquired her interactive multimedia DVD-ROM, Nushu: The Women’s Secret Writing, for its permanent collection.  

Weimin Zhang’s Film


Our second episode, we invited Professor Zhen Wei from Beijing Normal University and Professor Liu Chunli from Hebei Normal University to share their experience in art education and practice.

7.9.2021 at 7pm (CDT) on zoom (北京时间7月10日早上8点)


For the first episode, we invited Professor Xuhong Shang and Professor Yingxue Zuo to share and discuss their recent work on 6.11.2021 at 7:00pm (CDT) on zoom (北京时间6月12日早上8点)

Artist Statement
Xuhong Shang

My current work is centered toward current global concerns and exploring the struggle
between imagination and reason. The ambiguity in my work expresses the uncertainty
of reality, which we ourselves have caused. Our conscience has grown accustomed to
creating labels for the things around us, – building the society we live in today. Virtual
Series using acrylic paints on the backside of the canvas to create justifiable images to
relate viewer’s own experience and expectation. Whether being real or unreal, far or
near, the imageries in the paintings would only be perceived and formed by viewers’
knowledge and conception. This obscurity reflects the emotional uncertainty the many
have experienced around world. The feeling of uncertainty has become a phenomenon
and has ultimately distorted our perception of reality.

Yingxue Zuo

This series mural pieces focus on visually expressing my concerns of past half century, particularly in regards to political, cultural and racial conflict, gun violence, politicians become the agents of special interest groups, especially political scandals, corruptions during last 2 years that have greatly impacted and changed this great nation and the multi-cultural society. The lies, dishonesty, attack and insult news medias and federal law enforcement agencies are becoming a new normal in American society. This is a historical turning point and American people is facing a serious challenge for protecting true American value, democratic foundation to avoid historical reverse.  As an artist I feel that I have a responsibility to use my arts to voice our fellow citizen to serious thinking what is the true American value? Who we are? Which direction we go for the future?  I wish to use my art works to remind the politicians also, they have to think about their historical roles at such critical point, to be historical sinners or to be politicians with great sanity? The history has been recording…..

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